» Careful gyno exam

Category: Doctor Tushy

February 25th, 2011

Careful gyno exam

Sindy visits the doctor to get her yearly gyno exam. The doctor has her remove her clothing and checks her weight. Next the doc has Sindy do some nude exercises. After getting her vitals and the rest of her body examined the doctor gives her a careful gyno checkup with speculum pussy stretching!

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» New movie with gyno exam

Category: Doctor Tushy

February 8th, 2011

New movie with gyno exam New movie with gyno exam

Helena visits her doctor to get her yearly medical examination. She strips off her clothing and gets onto the exam table so the Doctor can begin. The Doctor checks all of her vital signs then gives her a gyno and rectal exam. The Doctor was really turned on by how beautiful Helena was and she could barely keep her hands off her. The Doctor even makes a pass at her!

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» Cervix porn video

Category: Special Examination

January 11th, 2011

It was my first gyno exam after I'd lost my virginity. Yes, I was nervous. I was sitting, waiting and briefing through a magazine when a gyno doctor asked me to enter his surgery room. He was a white-frocked middle-aged man. And it put me to the blush and made me confused more than ever. "First, Ms Morris", he began, "you will be given a brief physical checkup, which will include both a gyno and rectal examination! Have you ever tried intercourse?". I stood in front of him absolutely nude and couldn't say any word...

Cervix porn video

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» Annual gyno exam movie

Category: Doctor Tushy

December 18th, 2010

Lisa meets with a doctor to get an annual gyno exam. To her surprise her gyno doctor is a man. She gets a little embarrassed because the moment he touches her pussy she gets dripping wet. The doctor then gives her rectal exam followed by an injection in her ass!!

Annual gyno exam movie Annual gyno exam movie

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» Asshole Exam

Category: Doctor Tushy

November 17th, 2010

It's Kara's first gyno exam and she is very nervous to get it. Luckily her cute doctor is very gentle and assuring. Watch as she gives Kara a very thorough medical examination. She checks girl's tits, then has her turn over to receive a detailed asshole exam! She gets a deep rectal thermometer insertion as well as a finger inserted in her ass!

Asshole Exam

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» Gyno Exam

Category: Special Examination

November 17th, 2010

Sometimes you get seduced in the wrong place by a wrong person. But is it bad to try lesbian sex with a beautiful nurse during gyno exam? Cute busty teen Dolly - who has been seduced and straponed by sexy nurse - is sure that there is nothing dirty in their lesbian games after medical checkup!

Gyno exam Gyno exam Gyno exam

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» Cervix exam

Category: Exclusive Club

November 16th, 2010

Amateur girl Jane went to a kinky gyno clinic. At first time she felt shy but old gyno doctor Tim knew how to treat such girls. He touched her nude body with his warm hands and began to speak about her sexual dreams. Then he asked Jane to lie down on a couch and spread her legs as wider as she can. He palpated her cervix and teased her clit with his rubber finger. Then it was the time of giving enema therapy. View this hairy pussy babe getting squirted!

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» Sex-crazy gyno doctor

Category: Gyno Mania

November 15th, 2010

Sex-crazy gyno doctor

Gorgeous babe Nikki Sun came back from Thailand and wanted to check her pussy after banging with Thai lover. She had no money for the gyno examination and sex-crazy doc fucked Nikki brains out...

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» Gyno therapy

Category: Orgastic Shock

November 14th, 2010

Paulina is so cold because her nipples and cunt are not sensitive enough - it cost her gyno doctor quite some effort to understand it but now he's gonna use the results of his medical tests to the fullest! Wish to view him pumping her humps and slit till they get huge? Click below to watch kinky gyno exam movie!

Gyno therapy Gyno therapy Gyno therapy

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» Medical sex experiments

Category: GynoOrgasmVideos

November 12th, 2010

Medical sex experiments Medical sex experiments Medical sex experiments

Becky is 20 y.o girl who lost her virginity 2 years ago. But she has never reached the climax yet. Today she visited the sex scientist to try doc's new orgasm stimulation pill. At the beginning of the experiments she got full gyno exam with speculum. Then sex scientist bitch had Becky take the sex pill. Some minutes later she came back to the girl and found her rubbing her clit!

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